Basildon FRCR 2B 'A to Zee' Courses

The Basildon FRCR 2B 'A to Zee' Courses is a 3-month series of revision courses covering whole curriculum that could be tested in the FRCR 2B examination. The courses are targeted at fourth year radiology trainee level (ST4) who are sitting the exam.

Courses are held in a system wise, textbook format with classic “Hot Seat” viva cases for preselected students.

Most recently from 25th June – 25th September 2020, we conducted these courses online over Zoom. Run by a faculty of 13 teachers, we delivered a series of 35 courses, resulting in a total of 102 hours of teaching. Our sessions were attended on average by 538 students per course. Total number of attendees for the duration of our courses were 18,858.

With a survey of more than 4000 students, 99.5% of those who attended our courses found them to be useful for their revision.

We intend to repeat the series of courses in 2021. Dates to be annouced.